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Bridge of Allan - Stirling University (Stirlingshire)
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Thanks to Peggy for sending the above photographs of a Giant and a Coast Redwood in the grounds of Stirling University.
Peggy says, "Here are two more redwoods spotted on the campus of the University of Stirling: Both trees are featured in geocaches, too.

1. Sequoiadendron giganteum: N 56 08.979' W 003 54.774'
This is a huge specimen, 8.38 meters DBH, planted near Airthrey Castle which was built in 1871 on the site of the battleground where in 839 the Scot, Kenneth McAlpine, defeated the Picts. The battle site is also marked by a standing stone.

2. Sequoia sempervirens N 56 08.891' W 003 55.454'
A Coast Redwood near the man-made loch on the campus of the University of Stirling. The tree, although healthy, looks as if the squirrels have been making liberal use of its bark for nesting!

Peggy also found this Giant Sequoia "on the University of Stirling campus. Co-ordinates: N56 08.979 W003 54.482. It's in an empty lot on the edge of campus where they dump soil waste, hope they keep it away from the drip zone!". The first photograph is from the University grounds and the second is from the east by old Logie Kirk."

Peggy says there is also a Dawn Redwood on the campus at N 56 08.970 W 003 54.840.

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