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Bracknell - Warfield Park (Berkshire)
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February 2021
Thanks to Colin who sent this photograph of "a row of five Wellingtonia trees at Wellingtonias, Warfield Park, Bracknell, RG42 3RL.
Warfield Park is a mobile home park. Wellingtonias is the postal address of one of the areas in this park.

The trees were planted by A.H.J. Walsh in 1861. Originally, there were more. One former tree has been removed just leaving a stump.
This stump was carved in 2018 by Ella Fielding, who is a chainsaw artist and wood carver.

As is often the way, itís impossible to get a good picture of the trees.
Two of the five trees are shown in the above picture, one is partly hidden by the first.

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