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Bilsborrow - Myerscough College (Lancashire)
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Coast and Giant Redwood - April 2007
Thanks to Nick for sending photographs of a Coast and several Giant Redwoods at his college in St. Michael's Road. Nick wrote, "Just thought I might update your redwood location list. Most of them seem to be in the southern counties so I took pictures of some specimens from my college arboretum at Myerscough college in Lancashire. I found 1 coast redwood and at least 3 giant redwoods. I'm not exactly sure how tall they were but I would say at least 20 metres tall. There is also a Dawn redwood on site but it is not fully in leaf yet so was not worth sending. There are also Redwoods at Thorpe Perrow Arboretum in Yorkshire which I recently visited."

The reason for most locations on the site being from the South of Essex is that it is where I am based, but Nick is the second person to email locations of Redwoods in Lancashire recently so hopefully more will follow.

* * * Update - February 2022 * * *
Thanks to John who wrote in February 2022 to say;
"I have just seen the post showing these trees.
I have the honour and happy memory of planting these in the early 1970ís when I was a Horticultural Technician at Myerscough College.

Thank you for letting me know about the planting origin of the Redwood trees at Myerscough College,
I am very pleased to add the information to the web page.
It's great to know a little about the history of these trees.

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