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Beeby - All Saint's Church (Leicestershire)
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Ray sent the above photographs of Giant Redwoods next to All Saints Church.
He says, "In fields adjacent to the church are two specimen redwoods.
The church is also interesting, it is said that the spire was left flat when the stone masons argued and fell off the tower.

Thanks Ray, nice examples with plenty of room around them.
Although the story about the builders is said to be unfounded it is certainly more colourful than saying they ran out of money to finish the spire!

Giant Redwood - January 2023
Thanks to Carla who wrote; " The Redwood in the second photo was across the road near the church at Beeby.
It looks like a Redwood to me and Reg but we couldn't get close."

Thank you Carla, the outlines in the shots match with those of Ray's so I'd say you are correct.

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