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Ash - Main Street (Somerset)
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Giant Redwood - 2017 in MainStreet
Thanks to Keith for sending photographs and information about another of the three Giant Redwood in Ash.
Keith said; "This is in private garden on Main Street. Easily visible from the road and pavement.
Position N50 58'53 W002 44'44 ST 4772 2053
Altitude 47 metres
Girth at 1.5 metres 4.70 metres
Height 28.2 metres 92.6 feet
Also enjoyed by the woodpeckers.

They may well have been planted by the local landowner of the "big" house, the Bradford family, but we do not know when.
They all look quite healthy and all have a "Tree Preservation Order" on them.
They can be seen from miles away as they are above all the other trees.
Giant Redwood - 2017 in a field in Ash
"The third of the Giant Redwood in Ash is in a copse of Holm Oaks in a field corner in the middle of the village about 60 metres from a public footpath.
Position N50 58'56 W02 44'40 ST 4783 2059
Altitude 48 metres
Girth at 1.5 metres 5.45 metres (difficult as the ground slopes.)
Height 23.36 metres 75.9 feet

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