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Arundel - St. Nicholas Church (Sussex)
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Giant Redwood - September 2007
Jerry says "The Arundel Giant is in the grounds of St. Nicholas Church.
This is at the top of the hill that goes up the side of the castle.

A nice find in Sussex, thanks to Jerry.

Thanks to Alex who sent this photograph of the same Giant Redwood from Arundel Castle in September 2020.
Also thanks to John who wrote in March 2021 to let us know that this was
"taken from inside the Castle grounds (the Collector Earl's Garden) but is in fact the St Nicholas tree."

* * * Update - February 2021 * * *

Thanks to Mark who took measurements of this Giant Redwood tree on 17th February 2021
"using a dbh tape and tree height measuring app. (www.arboreal.se)"

Stem diameter at 1.5m - 1998mm
Height - 28.5m
Crown width from E - 13m

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