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Aboyne - Coull Estate (Aberdeenshire) includes an Avenue
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Thanks to Steve for this photograph of an avenue of Wellingtonia in Aboyne.

* * * Update - February 2023 * * *
Thanks to Alison who wrote to say; "I have walked along this path, and counted 187 Wellingtonia in total. The ones at the end nearest Coull House are trimmed and maintained, the others moderately so.

They are arranged in a zigzag style on either side of the drive, ie between the front row of the trees all in a line is a second row behind them, also in a line but set midway between the first row. (I hope that makes sense!) A small number are quite young and much smaller in size. My question is... is this the largest cluster in the UK?

I volunteer for the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, and at the Queenswood Arboretum and Country Park there are dozens and dozens, very large, and I believe amount to approximately 60, nowhere near 187!"

That's an interesting question you have asked, I have not always been able to count the numbers of trees in clusters I've found (usually due to lack of time), but there is an avenue in Camberley that I have walked and counted 218 trees. Both avenues contain a very substantial number of Giant Redwood trees (Sequoiadendron giganteum) and I would guess must be contenders for the largest collections in the U.K.

That must be interesting volunteering at the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, when I retire I may do something similar.

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