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Abbess Roding - near St Edmunds Church (Essex)
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Thanks to Jane for sending us details for this row of Redwoods on the road that goes through Abbess Roding.

Jane wrote to say that; "In 2000 my husband and myself planted an avenue of Sequioadendron Gigantea and Sempervirens in Abbess Roding Essex for the Millenium-my husband had grown them from seed.
We alternated the two types and we are so pleased with them and know they will be a landmark in the future, they look magnificent.

What a superb way to mark the millenium and a majstic entrance to the village - fabulous!
Given that they have a potential lifetime of over three thousand years, who knows, people could be admiring them at the turn of the next millenium.
Well done to your husband for growing them from seed, they're not the easiest to grow so he's done well.

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