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St. Albans - Tyttenhanger House (Hertfordshire)
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Eoin wrote to say "I believe I have located a Giant Redwood that is not listed on your website.
It is located near Tyttenhanger House in Tyttenhanger Park, St Albans, Hertfordshire.
You take the Tyttenhanger House entry road off Coursers Road and the Redwood is visible on the right hand side of the vehicle gate.
The coordinates are: 51.7267717, -0.2725547

I got into Redwoods, and trees in general during the lockdown in 2020/2021. I previously started growing oaks and horse chesnuts from seed. I harvested many seeds from various species, including Giant Redwoods during last autumn, and am hoping to grow them in spring. I have also got a Giant Redwood cutting potted that seems to be doing quite well.

A nice find, thanks Eoin, I'm glad to hear you've made good use of the lockdown.
Good luck with all your tree growing, especially your Redwoods of course!

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