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North Kilworth - Kilworth House (Leicestershire)
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Coast Redwood
Pete sent this photograph in January 2021 of a young Coast Redwood at Kilworth House.

He wrote; "This house is old and now a hotel but it has a fantastic avenue of coast redwoods that line the 500 metre drive up to the hotel.
There are also mature stands of redwoods in and around the grounds.

I have an absolute (amateur) love and fascination for trees in general, but for Redwoods in particular. They have captivated me from a very young age.

Thank you for another contribution to the website, you have been an enthusiast since an early age but I came fairly late to noticing Redwoods (early 40's).
I have tried to make up for it since!

Giant Redwood - December 2023
Thanks to Carla for sending this photograph of two Giant Sequioa at Kilworth House.

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