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New Cross - New Cross Gate Station (London)
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Jenny wrote in August 2021 to say; "I came across a post on Facebook this morning discussing a Redwood by a train station in London.
I contacted the author and he was happy for me to share the photos from his post with you."

Thank you Jenny and also thanks to Rick Barter for permission to use his photographs.
Rick wrote about the Giant Redwood; "It's on undeveloped land across from Platform 1.
No one knows who planted it or when, it's a mystery (and a rather magnificent one at that)."

It really is magnificent, and adds a bit of interest to the local commute.

* * * Update - May 2022 * * *

Pauline wrote to say: "I can solve the mystery of the redwood by New Cross Gate station. My father planted it.

Dad grew a lot of trees from seed to cultivate into bonsai. When he couldn’t control the redwood he planted it where it now stands. He was a track man stationed at New Cross gate and the ‘tea hut’ was there. We think that he grew it from seed, probably sourced on an outing to somewhere like Sheffield Park or Kew and very likely placed where it now stands in early 80s. He retired in 1991 I think and sadly passed in 2010.

My Mum is now 90 and remembers the tree but no more details.
My sister's memory is also hazy as to the date planted.
It is a lovely memory of Dad each time I pass on the train or when visiting Sainsbury.

The tending of the bonsai gave him great pleasure although they would not stand up to great scrutiny I feel as most were too large.
We gave away some specimens but still have a few between us.
I have a small beech forest and a couple of larger conifers keeping me busy watering at the moment."

What a lovely legacy, thank you for solving the mystery of the origin of this Giant Redwood.
I hope your Dad's Redwood tree gave him a great deal of pleasure over the years as he watched it grow.

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