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Hither Green - Mountsfield Park(London)
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Dawn Redwood - March 2024
Ian first wrote to us in March 2024; "Reading about the deciduous Dawn Redwood made me think about an evergreen tree in my local park that I'd been curious about due to it looking dead and then coming back to life. Could it be a Dawn Redwood? I do hope so :)"

Yes, I'm pretty certain the tree in your local park is a Dawn Redwood. It has the overall shape and the trunk characteristic of the Dawn, the final proof would be a close up of the foliage when it arrives, although it's similar to the Swamp Cypress, the tiny Dawn leaves are opposing on the stem rather than alternate. The cones you photographed also look more like Dawn than Swamp.

Ian wrote again later that month; "Well I've popped back to the park and now I think I have conclusive proof that the tree is a Dawn Redwood :)"

Yes, the photos do verify that it's a Dawn Redwood, well done and thank you for your thorough investigation.

Dawn Redwood - buds just about to burst forth

Dawn Redwood cones

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