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Ashley Heath - St. Leonards Way (Dorset)
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Giant Redwood - February 2022
Thanks to David for letting us know about his Sequoia.
He wrote that it was; "grown from a seed set in 1964. It is now 22.86m (75ft) and 3.4 m girth at 1.5m."
Location:- Grid Reference 410875 103944
50.834930N -1.847069W
5050'06"N 150'49"W

David added; "I have a notice on it for posterity saying that if anyone chops it down I will come back and haunt them!"

"I also believe there is another Sequoia on the other side of the A31 from here, somewhere in the the Avon Heath Country Park.
I am now in my 90's and until someone comes with transport I am unable to confirm this yet."

Thank you for the photograph of your Sequoia, what a superb specimen and it's great to have all the details.
I hope you get the opportunity to travel to Avon Heath Country Park sometime to check the other tree.

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